GlobalProtec is Better, Easier, Cheaper!

  • Better: No provider meets your requirements better than a broker. Similar to the insurances, there are also many providers for digital certificates. Each one of them has its advantages and specific offers. By procuring everything with the same provider it is likely that you will not get optimal coverage. Only a broker can offer a tailored product for any specific requirement. Whether you care about price, quality, simplicity, flexibility or just the brand: GlobalProtec offers a suitable product for any case.
  • Easier: All brands from a single source. GlobalProtec offers digital certificates from all major providers, all from one single shop. With us you have one point of contact in Switzerland and in your language! You don’t need to struggle with countless employees and hotlines abroad. We support you not only with the vetting and request procedure, but also with guarantee and warranty claims with the final provider. With our support you generally obtain more goodwill from the provider than by addressing your complaint on your own.
  • Cheaper: Better rates than with the providers. As a broker we get better purchasing conditions from the certificate providers than a single customer. This advantage we pass it on to you to a large extent. With GlobalProtec you get an average 20% discount compared to a direct purchase with the final provider. In addition, some of the providers don’t offer payment in CHF; by purchasing with GlobalProtec you will also save currency exchange costs.

GlobalProtec LLC was founded in April 2013. Today it is the main Swiss broker for SSL certificates, digital signatures and identities.

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