Change to SSL/TLS validity period by 01.09.2020Change to SSL/TLS validity period by 01.09.2020

08 august 2020: Important change concerning validity of SSL/TLS certificates from 1 September 2020. The validity period for SSL/TLS certificates that are issued after 1 September 2020 cannot exceed a maximum of one year. From 20 August 2020, only SSL/TLS certificates with a one-year validity period will be available. This change means that SSL certificates will now need to be renewed at least once a year.

Two-year SSL certificates issued before 1. September 2020 will remain valid. The validity of email and code signing certificates will not be affected and remains unchanged.



Safari diminue la durée de validité SSLSafari reduces SSL lifetime

20 february 2020: With Apple’s recent announcement that Safari will only trust certificates with a validity of 398 days or less from September 1, 2020, it won't take long before other major web browsers will follow. Older certificates, issued prior to the deadline, are unaffected by this rule.

Therefore, we recommend to obtain or renew your certificates with a 2-years lifetime prior to September 1, 2020, and be spared from further renewal or migration for at least 2 years:



Comodo becomes Sectigo, QuoVadis sold to DigicertComodo becomes Sectigo, QuoVadis sold to Digicert

09 November 2018: Consolidation in the certificate industry goes on. Comodo CA was sold to the private-equity-company Francisco Partners and will change its name to Sectigo. This rebranding will not lead to any major change for customers except the new name and logo.

QuoVadis, owned by WISeKey SA, is taken over by Digicert. Here again, nothing will change in the short run and products will continue to be offered under the same brand.

Read the original press releases:



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)New Data Privacy Statement

11 May 2018: It is a major concern for us that your personal data is treated in a responsible manner and in compliance with legal requirements. On May 25, 2018, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to become effective. This regulation rules the processing of personal data by companies and authorities. With these new provisions, citizen gain more control over their personal data, and the position of the data protection authority is also reinforced.

The entry into force of the GDPR has also consequences for Swiss companies. Therefore, we updated our data privacy statement, including information regarding the use of cookies. This statement explains for what purpose we use personal information, the way we process it and how you can exercise your data protection rights with GlobalProtec.

GlobalProtec Data Privacy Statement



Chrome distrust of SymantecChrome distrust of Symantec

29 September 2017: After a long dispute between Google and Symantec regarding certificate issues, the details for the planned distrust have now been announced.

Certificates from Symantec and its sub-brands Thawte, GeoTrust und RapidSSL are going to lose their trust in the Chrome-browser as follows:

  • Starting March/April 2018 SSL certificates issued before 1. June 2016 are going to be distrusted under Chrome (version 66).
  • Starting September/October 2018 SSL certificates issued before December 2017 are going to be distrusted under Chrome (Version 70).

GlobalProtec recommends to its customers to replace their older certificates for free during the first quarter of 2018 according to the above schedule. This can be done with a few clicks in the SSL Management Interface or by contacting GlobalProtec.

Symantec’s certificate business was recently sold to Digicert, a certificate provider with excellent reputation. With this, existing customers can continue ordering certificates from the same brands as usual.

SSL certificates



SSL validity period of 2 yearsMaximum SSL-lifetime of 2 years

08 April 2017: On March 17, 2017 the CAB-Forum decided to cap the allowed lifetime for SSL certificates to a maximum of 2 years ( As of March 01, 2018 Certificate Authorities (CA) will not be allowed to issue publicly trusted SSL certificates with a validity period of more than 2 years anymore. This measure aims at increasing the quality of certificates, given the fact that the certificate holder is going to be verified more frequently. The CA’s are now in process of applying this decision. As a consequence, GlobalProtec’s SSL offer is also being reduced to maximum validity periods of 2 years.

SSL certificates



Certificate Root StoreDistrust of StartCom and WoSign

04 November 2016: The most important browser and OS-manufacturers like Apple, Mozilla and Google Chrome recently announced their decision to distrust the two certificate authorities StartCom and WoSign. Actually, these two CAs offended against several rules of the root programs. Should you own certificates of these authorities, we can help you to replace them. You will find an overview of the main certificate authorities and their features under:

Compare certificate authorities



https for improved Google ranking Improved Google ranking with SSL

01 April 2016: More than one year ago Google announced to prioritize websites with a secure SSL-connection. In addition, websites without https were announced to be marked as non-secure in the Chrome browser. At that time only 33% of websites were secured with SSL. Until today not much has changed. Still, only one third of all websites offer adequate SSL security:

And what about you? A top Google-ranking is a critical success factor! GlobalProtec offers high-quality SSL certificates starting from only CHF 39:

SSL certificates



Comodo EV SSL certificate

EV SSL for less than CHF 100!

04 June 2015: For the first time ever, Extended Validation SSL certificates are available for less than CHF 100! Extended Validation (EV) corresponds to the highest quality level for SSL certificates. Comodo is the first provider to offer access to EV SSL certificates to a large public, by bringing down the price for this certificate type. And with GlobalProtec you’ll get it – as usual – with even more discount and additional service.

Extended Validation EV SSL



Laufzeiten SSL Zertifikate

Elimination of SSL lifetimes > 3 years

16 March 2015: As of April 01, 2015 official Certificate Providers will no longer issue SSL certificates with lifetimes of more than 3 years. This new guideline was decided by the “Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum”, which is the governing body of the SSL industry. The measure aims at increasing SSL/TLS security, so all SHA-1 signed certificates will expire on April 1, 2019 latest. Get your 4-years or 5-years SSL certificate this month!

SSL certificates



responsive-mobile goes mobile!

02 February 2015: More and more customers access our website using their tablet or mobile phone. We account for this fact by offering optimized for mobile devices now!

Our highest concern is to constantly increase our customer’s comfort. Our mobile-responsive website aims at delivering a better, faster and more intuitive user-experience.



Digicert weeksDigicert weeks

29 November 2014: Ho Ho Ho! Until 31 December 2014 you’ll get another 10% discount on all Digicert certificates at GlobalProtec.

Just enter the following coupn code into the coupon field during your order and your discount will be directly subtracted from the amount of your shopping cart:

Code: Digicert1214



SHA-1 SHA-2 certificateSHA-1 and Google Chrome

15 September 2014: Google announces, Chrome browser will show warning message for all SHA-1 certificates with expiration date after 01 January 2016. Therefore, all certificate providers will generally issue exclusively SHA-2 certificates as of October 2014. In order to check whether your certificate is based on SHA-1, open it and verify under details/„Signature algorithm“.

If you wish to reissue your certificate, most providers offer it for free. Please proceed as follows:

  1. First contact the issuer of your certificate. This is the fastest and most efficient way. The support-address of all providers is listed on the bottom of this page:
  2. If this is not successful, send your new CSR along with your order number through our web-form:

Google's official announcement of SHA-1 sunsetting translations / Übersetzungen / traductionsTranslations into all languages at top prices

07 July 2014: GlobalProtec extends its offer in the fields of Internet and communication. Under we now offer translations into any language at very competitive rates. With us you get one single price for all languages and topics, simple procedures and everything from a single source. Our translators exclusively work in their native language. A multitude of successfully realized projects and satisfied customers witness for the professionalism of our translators.



QuoVadisQuoVadis now at GlobalProtec

02 June 2014: GlobalProtec now also offers certificates from QuoVadis. As an internationally recognized Certification Authority with both Swiss and European accreditation, QuoVadis represents another strong brand in GlobalProtec’s offer. QuoVadis offers secure, simple and trustworthy issuing procedures for digital certificates and meets highest quality standards. As a Swiss provider of internationally recognized certificates, QuoVadis represents a real alternative to foreign certificate providers, in particular in these times of mass surveillance and large scale spying-affairs.

According to the „Netcraft SSL Survey“ QuoVadis ranks among the Top 12 Certificate Authorities worldwide. With this GlobalProtec is now able to offer to its customers the certificates from both relevant Swiss providers. A particular advantage of QuoVadis is its double accreditation Switzerland-EU.

Find the QuoVadis certificates here



Heartbleed Open SSL


08 April 2014: Heartbleed is a security bug in the OpenSSL cryptography library. OpenSSL is a widely used implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Heartbleed may be exploited whether the party using a vulnerable OpenSSL instance for TLS is a server or a client. The bug affects OpenSSL-versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f and was fixed with version 1.0.1g on April 7, 2014.

Is your website affected by the Heartbleed-bug? So we recommend changing your SSL certificates. Most certificate providers change them for free. Please proceed as follows:

  1. First contact the issuer of your certificate. This is the fastest and most efficient way. The support-address of all providers is listed on the bottom of this page:
  2. If this is not successful, send your new CSR along with your order number through our web-form:

Find more information regarding Heartbleed on Wikipedia



w3techs SSL statistics

SSL market still dominated by US providers

31 March 2014: Recent NSA leaks do not appear to have affected trust in US security solutions. Top 3 US providers still hold an 80% share of the world’s SSL market.

Statistics from W3Techs




Secure Hash Algorithm SHA1

Unsecure SSL Certificates

06 February 2014: More than 98% of SSL enabled websites use unsecure Hash algorithms. Renew your certificates now and make your choice among the world’s leading Certificate Services Providers CSPs at

Article from Netcraft



Man-in-the-middle attacks by French government agency

Man-in-the-middle attacks by French government agency

10 December 2013: Google has found a French government agency using unauthorized digital certificates (SSL) for some of its own domains to perform man-in-the-middle attacks on a private network.

Article in The Hacker News



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