Managed PKI

Managed Public Key Infrastructure (Managed PKI)

You need a larger number of certificates or more flexibility with the issuing and administration? Then Managed PKI will be the right solution for you!

With Managed PKI you issue trusted certificates from an official provider by yourself, 24/7 and within minutes. Forget about the time-consuming issuing procedures with the official registration authorities. With Managed PKI you manage everything by your own: certificate request and issuing within minutes.


  • Simple management –Certificate issuing and revocation by the customer 24/7 and within minutes
  • Proven tools – Webinterface for manual certificate issuing or standardized-interface for automated issuing, for example with secure e-mail gateways
  • Substantial savings – Important cost reduction thanks to a price model with significantly increasing volume discounts
  • Cost control– Simple billing with annual flat-rate
  • Maximum flexibility – Revocation and re-issue for free! Only certificates that are active simultaneously are charged

Managed PKI is already worthwhile from 5 certificates. Contact us for an offer!

GlobalProtec LLC was founded in April 2013. Today it is the main Swiss broker for SSL certificates, digital signatures and identities.

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